Print and production agency

  • From printed matter to billboards and light solutions
  • Creativity, flexibility and sound quality
  • Over 20 years of experience!

Wide format

The greater the distance from which the advert can be seen, the better. We manufacture large-scale banners, rollups, background fabrics and flags that can be placed on advertising surfaces, used to cover fences or function as backdrops on stage and for taking event photos.

POS advertising materials

If you cannot afford to have a sales representative standing next to each product shelf, we can produce unlimited range of flashy helpers from wobblers and labels to customized product stands, presentation tables and full-scale spatial solutions!

Packaging & labels

In order to make sure that your clients reach the inner beauty of your product, it needs an attractive packaging! We create packaging and labels for new product series, but we also provide flashy solutions for anniversaries and business gifts.

Printed matter

We can produce anything that paper can handle – business cards, stickers, brochures or catalogues. We feel at home with illustrating publications by using complex special treatment – from foil to special shapes and 3D effects!


In order to prevent nightfall from shadowing your marketing endeavours, we manufacture and install light boxes, illuminated letters and neon advertising on building facades. We also produce illuminated logos for sales halls, reception desks and other representative surfaces.

Text and design

We can provide finished design for anything we produce. Our skilled workers can quickly create design based on formerly used style, and our marketing artists and copywriters with advertising agency experience can create more effective visuals!

Production agency. What for?

Did you know that during the manufacturing process of a single book it can pass through several
different printers? One printer manufactures content pages, the other hard covers, the third adds foil… Production involves even more different stages in case of spatial solutions – fair stands, sales displays, facade solutions.
Oftentimes, printers also act as a production agency – each printer has their own specifics and other jobs are bought in from other printers specialised in that particular field.
When you order your printed matter, billboards and advertising from a broad-based production agency, you can always get everything from one place and may rest assured that only the best and most fitting manufacturers and experts on the market have been used. Also, using an agency may often require more favourable budget than when addressing the printer directly. There are no limits to what Timeline can produce!
As we keep an eye on current market situation in real time, we can group similar jobs from various
clients that would otherwise require so-called start-up costs when ordered individually (setup, material supply). Feel free to contact us and discuss your needs and ideas!